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We could all use a little PEACE and LOVE!

We have entered a period of time where our normal routines and conveniences are being challenged and our usual means of managing injuries is one of those routines certainly being tested. Despite this, remembering some simple advice can go along way in understanding and promoting healing through the stages of an injury.

In an editorial that was published in April, 2019 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) "Soft tissue injuries simply need PEACE and LOVE", the authors discuss traditional approaches toward acute soft tissue injuries and provide updates include current evidence. They also include strategies for moving beyond the acute phase of healing. The infographic below describes a new acronym to be applied throughout the course of an injury. We invite you to read the blog post (HERE) from BJSM as it dives into the concepts a bit more thoroughly than the infographic. One caveat, is that we still recommend using brief periods of icing as an analgesic if your pain is moderate or severe; make sure you have a barrier between your skin and the ice to prevent any skin irritation. While this is great background information to have, it is not a substitute for speaking with a qualified medical professional. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or need advice on how to manage your injury.

We care about providing our community with accurate information and continue to empower each individual to create a healthy lifestyle.

Stay Healthy!

The team at Westside Dance Physical Therapy

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