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Highlight Priorities

Then you should make a schedule for preparing for the subjects and try to stick to it. Pay attention to one or two topics a day, solve trial versions of tests. View those tasks in which errors were made in order to understand their cause. Of course, it will not be possible to cover the entire volume of material in a short period. But, it is better to bet on quality, not quantity. Be sure to pay attention to difficult tasks, do not rely only on the test part. Write an essay at least a couple of times a week. It is better to work on one version of each type of task.

Priority is given to compulsory subjects, as they determine the likelihood of obtaining a certificate. When distributing time, it is better to devote most of it to training in the Russian language and mathematics. But you can't forget about electives either. At least you need to look at some topics, try to solve a couple of tasks. When the tests in the main subjects are passed, the time will come for other disciplines.

Writing off is not an option.

Some graduates in a panic begin to look for options to cheat and use a cheat sheet, a hint, and so on. It must be understood that the possibility of using additional tools and materials is very unlikely. Every year, surveillance measures are tightened, it's not worth the risk. Looking for options to write off will only waste precious time. It is better to devote it to filling gaps in knowledge, walking in the fresh air or chatting with friends.

The exam tests the knowledge of the school curriculum

In the process of preparing or already at the exam, it is enough to remember that the USE does not test knowledge that goes beyond the scope of the school curriculum. Once upon a time, all these topics were covered, verification and control works were written on them. You just need to remember the already known material. It is often enough to carefully and thoughtfully read the question or the conditions of the problem in order to find the right solution. Try to calmly perform those tasks in which you definitely have confidence. For the rest it is better to return later. Be sure to try to complete several difficult tasks, write an essay.

The main thing to understand is that failure in the exam does not mean that life ends there. After all, there is an opportunity to improve the result for next year. It is necessary to calmly analyze the mistakes made in the preparation and in solving tasks in order to avoid them in the future. Perhaps failure will give time and opportunity to think about the future without fuss, reconsider priorities and approach the process more responsibly.

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