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How To Learn English

Please correct this sentence and teach me too how to learn english?

I thought u are busy so i dont like to disturb you thats why i did not send any messages you in past days

Sugesst me how to learn english?

Why means to much fed up because i would like to learn english give me any idea

Does any one know how to learn english?


I want to learn english

How to learn english language?

I am 34 years old guy. i am single too. i living in Afghanistan Kandahar province. I have been learning english language for 14 years but. i cannot learn english very well ...My friends saying that you are enough old , you cannot learn english any more... In Afghanistan people say that a big PARROT cannot learn speaking... are they saying truth or not... hope you show me the good way to learn english language....farid

How to learn English without study grammar?

In Brazil many people don't learn English because study grammar

How to learn english Idioms using homework answers website help ????i am an english B students at IB level???? so basically our teacher suggested us to try to learn some idioms.. so that we coudl improve our oratory... Could you suggest some way of leaning these idioms? do you know about any website or dictionary or whatever that actually helps in learning these idioms???????

I don't know how to learn English well ? Do you remember the words one by one so that to form the sentence? How to improve English, is there any shortcut?

How to learn english more easier and more effectively?

i am a Cantonese, from Guangzhou China. i am a 24 year old boy that have been learning Englsih for several years. but no matter how hard I try, i still not be able to learn it well. i do even not get any certificates of English language, which let myself down. i like English song, hollywood movies, browsing english websites, and try to text with the foreigners via IM, but all those ways seem not work on me is that my failure attribute to the wrong methods or my poor memory? could anyone help? pls... thanks

How to learn English well !!?

hello everyone.. sorry to wait ur time to watching this .i was from Taiwan. study hard with my history help and english.seems like didnt work out. still hav poor grammar etc...can someone teach me how to learn english at correct way ,please.thnak you ..thank you all of you but in my country is really hard to find someone who know about english.if so.. it was arrogant peoplethey dont want talk to you just cuz u speak a poor english or they dont hav ptience speak english to the end we'll speak Chinese back.but cant blame them... its real life........i'll watch moive everyday but the subtitile is my native language. can't change to english subtitle .tnx for opinion .let me know how can i restar my learning side. sorry my english if have some bad words plz forgive me

How to learn english well and easy?

if someone wants to learn english speaking which way is easy

How to learn English as fast as possible?

I have lived in the US for 5 years, but my English included talking and writing is still really bad. Some people in my school can speak and maybe write fluently within 2 or 3 years. It seems I can't learn English as fast as them. How did they learn it that fast? Help my please

Who can tell me how to learning English In a short period of time?

I'm a chinese student. i feel English is difficult to learn. and I always forgot the English words.but I have a English exam in 3 months.My English is very poor.what can I do. Please help me. THANKS

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