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Westside Dance Physical Therapy offers Telehealth sessions for  new and existing clients. Whether you are looking to rehabilitate a new injury, understand and move past persistent pain, or develop ways to prevent an injury through a personalized exercises program a virtual may be right for you! 


Dancers and non dancers alike can benefit from a one on one session with a Physical Therapist. Although we won’t be using any hands on treatments, hearing and understanding your story, combined with being able to see your movement patterns can be a powerful trigger in achieving your goals. 


*Please note that legally we are only authorized to see patients for Physical Therapy visits who are physically in New York state, even though it is a virtual visit. 

How does it work?

Please use the contact form below to inquire about scheduling a new appointment

or you can email your Physical Therapist directly if you have their email.

Thanks! Message sent.

We will be in contact to collect necessary information to schedule an appointment. 

Once your appointment is confirmed look out for an email containing information about your visit.

Read our FAQs to understand more about our telehealth policies and procures.

Frequently asked questions...

How can I benefit from an online session?

Telehealth offers a way to stay connected and on track toward achieving your goals.   

  • Telehealth is an effective and evidence based method for communicating advice on new injuries or persistent pains.  

  • For existing patients we can continue to monitor and address questions regarding your plan of care.

  • Those looking to maintain physical health and wellness can receive movement analysis and a personalized program. 

  • Dancers at any level can take advantage of receiving specialized care aimed at staying prepared for the demands of their activity.

  • Everyone participating in a Telehealth session will have one on one attention to review the performance of exercises with professional guidance on progressions.

Can I be seen for a Telehealth visit without a prescription?

Yes.  New York state allows individuals to be seen by a Physical Therapist without a doctor's prescription for 10 visits or 30 days, which ever comes first. Once that period expires, a prescription is needed to continue care. 

Is Telehealth secure? 

The platform that we currently use is called is HIPPA compliant and does not collect any protected health information to access the session. 

How long are the Telehealth sessions?

Your first appointment will be 60 minutes and follow up sessions can be scheduled for 45 minutes. 

Are Telehealth Physical Therapy sessions covered by my insurance?

While all our services are out of pocket, most major private insurance companies will reimburse for Telehealth services. We encourage you to speak with your insurance company to find out more details. Medicare recently changed its laws and now covers Telehealth provided by Physical Therapists.  Fees are still paid out of pocket and we will bill medicare on your behalf.  

What equipment or set up is recommended?


  • Clear some space if you can, to allow freedom to move around and to lie down on the floor if needed. Having a Yoga mat on hand for harder surfaces is always recommended. 

  • Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in.

  • We recommend using a laptop with video capability, but a tablet or phone will work as well.

  • Make sure any other use of the internet is limited during your session (streaming movies or shows) to allow your wifi to be as strong as possible. 

  • Find a quiet area of your home or use wireless ear phones to cancel any ambient or distracting noise.


Please  reach out to us with any other questions and we look forward to working with you! 

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