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Do I need to be a dancer to be treated at Westside Dance Physical Therapy?

Our practice is not strictly limited to professional dancers, although this is the specialty we are known for. The same skills and expertise used to return our professional dancers back to performance level are applied to all our patients to achieve the best individualized results to meet the patient’s particular goals.

Do I need a prescription for Physical Therapy? 

New York became a direct access state in 2006. Since then, licensed physical therapists in New York have been able to see patients without a prescription provided:


  • Treatment is limited to 10 visits or 30 days, whichever comes first.

  • The therapist must have practiced PT on a full-time basis for no less than 3 years and be of at least 21 years of age.

  • The therapist must provide written notification to the patient that services rendered without referral might not be covered by the patient’s health plan or insurer. The notification must state that the services might be covered by the health plan or insurer with a referral. The therapist must keep a copy of the written notification in the patient’s file.

Do you take my insurance?

We are an out of network practice and all fees are due up front. If you would like to submit to your insurance company, you will receive and itemized statement that you can submit for potential reimbursement.  We encourage all to check with their insurance company on their out of network benefits.  


If you are a medicare patient all fees are out of pocket but we will submit the bill on your behalf.  

Individuals being covered under worker's compensation, please provide your authorization number, date of injury, case managers name and referring doctors name in order to make an appointment.

How long are appointment sessions? 

The initial appointment, you are scheduled to be with the physical therapist for one hour. It is possible that in some cases you might spend additional time doing some exercise or perhaps receiving a modality. At the initial appointment, your therapist will tell you what to expect for follow-up visits.

At follow up appointments, you spend 30 minutes with the physical therapist and depending on your condition, may spend an additional 30 – 60 minutes after that receiving a modality, doing exercises or performing therapeutic activities.

Do I need to wear or bring anything special? 

While we do have some private treatment areas we generally work in an “open-gym”/training room type format. Accordingly, you should wear (or bring to change into) clothing that you can be examined in, generally shorts and tee shirts work well. A top with straps works best for females being treated for a shoulder complaint.

We provide changing rooms with lockers and recommend you bring your own lock to secure the locker. If you wear orthotic devices and are being seen for any condition of the leg, pelvis or lower back, please bring them to your session. If you are having custom orthotic devices made bring any devices previously made for you as well as typical footwear you plan on using the orthotic in i.e. athletic shoe or dress shoe.

If your injury is related to playing a musical instrument, we ask that, where possible, you bring your instrument with you to one of the first several visits.

Will I see the same therapist each time?

You will be evaluated by one of our licensed and highly trained physical therapists and he/she will also treat you during subsequent visits. We feel it is very important to develop a one-on-one relationship with you to maintain continuity of care. At times, due staff vacations or illness, you may need to continue treatment with another therapist. When this occurs, your therapist will communicate all pertinent information verbally and through your written medical record to the covering therapist.

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