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Balance Back From an Ankle Sprain with Parasetter Mini’s

One mainstay in the rehabilitation from an ankle sprain is regaining balance and proprioception on the injured side.  The use of the Parasetter Mini, a tool created out of the Parasetter material, can assist in this process.  The material and shape can provide the challenge needed to stimulate proprioception and allow the ankle to tolerate multi-planar adjustments when dancing.

When a dancer has reached the phase of rehab to tolerate single leg standing, we use the Parasetter Mini to provide an unstable surface.  Have the dancer stand on one leg using the rounded portion of the Parasetter Mini, adjust the position of the foot so that the arch of the foot is on the mini.  In order to maintain an upright position, the body’s center of gravity must be maintained over the center of the foot.  The position of the foot is important as it will allow the dancer to work on regaining ankle strategies to maintain balance without relying on the toe flexors and ‘gripping’ the floor to stabilize.

Once the dancer develops balance here, increase the challenge by adding upper extremity, lower extremity movements, and /or a combination of both.  Be creative, mimic ballet movements and adjust the challenge as appropriate!

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